Useful Links

SOME USEFUL LINKS (Updated periodically)

Government Patent Offices United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)’s Home web page provides access to a wealth of information related to patents and trademarks.
USPTO’s other patent office web page provides links to other patent office websites, worldwide. Tour the world of patents!

Patent Agents & Patent Attorneys
USPTO provides easy look-up for patent attorneys and agents.
Inventnet/Patent Hunter helps you find a listing for local registered patent attorneys/agents by having you click on your nearest telephone area code. National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP) also is of help for finding patent agents and attorneys at the national level. Eastern New York Intellectual Property Law Association (ENYIPLA) lists patent attorneys and agents in the Eastern New York state area.

Associations & Organizations AUTM, the Association of University Technology Managers, is a nonprofit professional and educational society created to assist administrators of patent and copyright programs at universities to license technologies, encourage the production of inventions, and to make appropriate recommendations to assure the effective transfer of technology to the public.

Books Publications

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Consultants Derwent‘s comprehensive coverage of global scientific and technical developments will help you monitor your competitors, develop your research and business strategies, and protect your own patent portfolio.                    Marti Elder LLC provides personalized marketing and management services to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. While small business operators readily accept the need for legal or accounting services, they often overlook the importance of hiring professional consultants in the other facets of small business development and operations.

Forbidden Words in Patent Application by cortesy of Russ Krajec.