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Thank you for visiting this site. The fact that you are visiting this site is most probably because you have an idea of an invention and you are looking for ways to get a patent for that idea in the most expeditious and affordable way.

Patenting process can be quite involved and complex. I intend to serve people from different walks of life who have had or have inventive ideas that could/can never be put to good use because they could/can not have access to a patent attorney/agent without going to a big law firm mostly situated in large cities, or that they could not handle the paper work that is required if they chose to pursue getting a patent through distant correspondence. Working as a FlyingPatentAgent™, I am able to reach many of you by flying to places near you. It is usually easier to talk about an invention than try to describe it on a piece of paper. It is in this vein that I am pleased to offer my services to you as a FlyingPatentAgent™ to formalize your invention for prosecution and hopefully make your ideas come to fruition. You may read about my qualifications by clicking on this link, .  You will note that these buttons are also given at the top and bottom of each page.

Here are the steps to follow:

  •  If you are new to patents and patenting process in general,  please familiarize yourself with the same by clicking the following links, preferably in the order listed:

  •  If you have any questions so far, please feel to contact me either by tel/fax: 845.485.2184, or by e-mail at Soktay@FlyingPatentAgent.com.

  •  Next step is to fill out your invention disclosure on the form given at

     Please sign and date your invention disclosure and have it witnessed, and then please fax it to me at
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    would be convenient to meet you at a nearby airport, which I will let you know.

  •  Finally, at your leisure, click on

    •  to read about some interesting patents, and on

    •   to go to other interesting sites, including the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) at www.uspto.gov website where you can search to see if your idea is new and novel.

  •  Good Luck, and please feel free to contact me at any time at 845.485.2184 or Soktay@FlyingPatentAgent.com.

  • Cost Structure:

  • Your initial cost :  Evaluation of the initially submitted Invention
    Disclosure will be free of charge.
    First visit to you:  Cost to you will be computed based on the hourly rate
    prevailing at the time of the visit and applied only to
    the time spent at the meeting.
    Subsequent cost: Please click on  to read about
    different charges for different types of patent
    applications and patenting process.